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    Adv Deepak NagpalDeepak is Associate Partner at Singh's Law Office practicing Litigation and legal consultancy in Faridabad and Punjab & Haryana HighCourt in Chandigarh. Deepak brings with him a decade of experience in Legal services and is a member of PnH High Court Bar Council. He has demonstrated exceptional skills in Drafting, Case Research, proof reading, Legal Risk Assessments and Compliance Audits. He has represented us in various matters in High Court, Consumer DRC Forums and is a invaluable member of our team.

    Deepak has time and again showcased his legal accumen and earned empanelment with Fardiabad Municipal Corporation, Khadi Udyog Haryana, Water and Waste Management Dept, Escorts Kubota Limited, Tafe Motors to name a few.  Personally Deepak is a avid Basketball player and enjoys listening to music.




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