Adv Manjunath Manjunath is Partner with Singhs Law Office with an experience of 19 years practice in various courts of South India, mainly in Bengaluru Courts, having his own associate office at Bengaluru. He has completed his Bachelor in Law from Bengaluru University. 

    Manjunath started his carrier as an Assistant and Assisting Counsel along with Sri. Sadasiva Reddy, was former BDA Standing Counsel. Thereafter he joined with Sri. H. N. M. Prasad Advocate, practicing in High Court of Karnataka, Bengaluru and district courts in Karnataka, during his practice with Sri.H. N. M. Prasad, he has assisted in draftings of different kind of Writ Petitions, Applications, Appeals, Replies and Counter Affidavits, Contempt Petitions. He helped in addressing arguments in an ongoing cases in High Courts and various courts of different matters.  

    Manjunath has been providing advisory and consultations to various companies which inter alia include, Indus Tech Park Pvt. Ltd., Bengaluru, relating to Land Disputes, Commercial and money suits. Further he worked as Legal Advisor to Indian Textiles Company Ltd., Bengaluru, Kamalya Builders and Developers LLP, Bengaluru, Kamalya Hospitality, Sri. Gali Anjneyaswamy Credit Society, Bengaluru and Sumansa Media Pvt. Ltd., Bengaluru. Manjunath has represented South India in International Property Show at Dubai (UAE). He represented in the above concern establishments and has appeared as independent counsel in various capacities in conducting cases as well as adviser in relation to preparation of agreements, contracts, MOU's, lease deeds, sale deeds, etc., conducing recovery suits in various courts. Manjnath is still advising them in various ongoing litigations in different capacities from me to me.        

    Manjunath has wide experience in dealing with li ga on and corporate advisory work includes court prac ce at Karnataka High Courts,  District Courts in Karnataka in Civil, Criminal, Tenancy Ma ers, RERA, Consumer issues, Matrimonial, Land Laws, Revenue Ma ers, Arbitra on matters, Commercial Disputes and Service Matters, intellectual Property laws, Insolvency and Banking laws, NI Act cases etc.,. Manjunath also having experience and experience in draft cases, petitions, appeals, complaints and argue matters before aforementioned courts. 




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